16 thoughts on “You learn something new every day- F-14 Landing Gear Side Brace”

    1. After many years in motorpools, I have determined that checking track tension is a lost art. I literally had to make my PLs come to my office and brief me on it (as well as many other maintenance tasks).

  1. Isn’t a M577 just a M113 with a big head? I don’t recall ever doing anything about track tension with the 577s I drove. ???


    1. Thanks xbradtc. The only time we got off a tank trail was to pull into a position. NOW I understand.


      P.S. At least in a 577; I spent LOTS of time off road in a 1/4 ton.


  2. Re: Connie Rodd — the office that edits and publishes PS is now at Redstone Arsenal. I went by once — they have a complete set, back to the 1940s, with duplicate copies available to send out on many issues. They also have some nice Will Eisner (who was the first artist) artwork on display. Nice guys, with a respect for the history that PS represents.

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