Abuse scandals prompt Hagel to examine military's links to NFL | Military Times | militarytimes.com

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is taking a close look at the military’s ties to the National Football League amid a spate of domestic violence scandals involving high-profile athletes.

Hagel has not requested a formal review nor threatened to cut off any programs. But he is asking his staff to provide a status update about the department’s many links to the league.

“The secretary wants to get a sense of the depth and scope of the interaction” between the Defense Department and the league, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said Friday.

via Abuse scandals prompt Hagel to examine military’s links to NFL | Military Times | militarytimes.com.

The military gets a pretty dang good deal from the NFL right now. The goodwill and publicity from providing color guards and flyovers helps recruiting efforts.

As the article also notes, the NFL lets the military broadcast games without charge on the overseas military television network.

What are we going to do? Punish the NFL by not letting PFC Smith watch a game?

I was  a little surprised to see this nugget at the end of the article.

The military logs more than 8,000 domestic violence complaints each year from military families. About one-third of those involve male victims and female perpetrators, according to Defense Department data.

That doesn’t quite fit the narrative.

And while 8,000 incidents is 8,000 to many, given the size and demographics of the military population, that’s a fairly small number.

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  1. In a related move, Hagel has asked the military to examine links to NASCAR in light of a rise in speeding tickets among active and reserve military…..

  2. Wives hit husbands all the time. Smart husbands walked away. Dumb ones hit back and then wound up in the MPs’ office, and then my office. Although I applied a liberal amount of discretion/common sense, they still got UCMJ, while the wives got nothing, except that we could terminate government quarters.

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