Marine Corps Gazette: Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry

Beach activity at Da Nang, Vietnam during landing of United States Marines of the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade in March of 1965

Superb article from Captain Lauren Serrano in the Marine Corps Gazette.  She will undoubtedly become the target of feminists in and out of the Armed Forces as some sort of traitor to womanhood, much as Captain Kate Petronio has been.  But she is right as rain.  As was Captain Petronio.

Captain Serrano explores far more than the mere physical obstacles to women in the Infantry.   She tells an age-old immutable truth about young warriors:

Having women in an infantry unit will disrupt the infantry’s identity, motivational tactics, and camaraderie. The average infantryman is in his late teens or early twenties. At that age, men are raging with hormones and are easily distracted by women and sex. Infantry leaders feed on the testosterone and masculinity of young men to increase morale and motivation and encourage the warrior ethos. Few jobs are as physically and emotionally demanding as the infantry, so to keep Marines focused, the infantry operates in a cult-like brotherhood. The infantry is the one place where young men are able to focus solely on being a warrior without the distraction of women or political correctness. They can fart, burp, tell raunchy jokes, walk around naked, swap sex stories, wrestle, and simply be young men together.  …this is the exact kind of atmosphere that promotes unit cohesion and the brotherly bond that is invaluable. This bond is an essential element in both garrison and combat environments. Ask any 0311 what encourages him to keep training or fighting in combat when he thinks he can go no further, and he will respond, “My brothers to my right and left.” No matter how masculine a woman is, she is still female and simply does not mesh with the infantry brotherhood.

Well-stated, and spot-on.  A great article, well worth the read.

Semper Fidelis, Skipper.  You have the moral courage to speak an unpopular truth, for the greatest good of Corps and Country.  But for more Officers, men and women, especially senior ones, to have such a backbone.





4 thoughts on “Marine Corps Gazette: Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry”

  1. I’ve read the article, responses to the article and comments on all of them. The best ones are from Major Carpenter, an aviation logistician. Reminds me of the Major in Heartbreak Ridge….
    I also like the white knights who seem to believe that if you DON’T support women in the infantry, you’re automatically guilty of discrimination at least and sexual harassment/assault more than likely.
    Speaking from 13 years experience in USMC infantry and 16 years in USA armor, there are not enough females who can meet the physical standards (there may be a few who can) to make it worth the logistical headaches necessary to accomodate them.

    1. Major, were you any good in Logistics!?

      Love that movie.

      It’s almost tempting to give them a real tryout (i.e. same goals as men) in a couple of brigades, but I’m afraid we would end up with a lot of dead & wounded kids. Not worth it.

    2. “I’m afraid we would end up with a lot of dead & wounded kids.”

      And not all of them will be from hostile fire. Add jealousy, unrequited love, broken hearts, etc. to an already tense and adrenalin charged atmosphere and the ready availability of weapons and explosives and someone is going to get fragged.

  2. I’ll just add that I am former Army Infantry 11B40 with 18 months combat experience and this issue is just not about the Marines, it applies to both branches Infantry. HOOAH!

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