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The morning coffee hasn’t completely kicked in yet. So you get stuff, instead of a post  on the construction boom of WWII.

We’re just a teensy bit obsessed with former One Tree Hill and current Chicago PD actress Sophia Bush.  She’s a three time Load HEAT feature, here, here, and here.

Season 2 of Chicago PD starts next week.





I don’t game, so I haven’t seen the ins and outs. Suffice to say, a small, vocal cabal has corrupted the gaming community, especially news media devoted to it, and anointed themselves as the morality police.

If you have to modify “justice” with “social” or other modifiers, your goal isn’t justice.


We’re going to send about 3000 troops to Africa to fight Ebola. I’m conflicted, I’ll admit. I think it is in our best interests to do something to curb the outbreak. And our troops will not be directly providing care to patients, but building treatment centers and setting up transportation and logistics. Things we do very, very well.

On the other hand, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be sent on this deployment. And if one of our troops does become infected… ugh.


Marc Thiessen’s piece in the WaPo a couple days ago was good.

We firmly, devotedly, believe in the civilian control of the military. And the boss gets to follow, or reject, the advice of his generals.  And the job of the generals is to salute and do the best they can from there.

But there is a consistency in this president in rejecting sound advice that is remarkable.

Pity poor Gen. Lloyd Austin, top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East.

Rarely has a U.S. general given his commander in chief better military advice, only to see it repeatedly rejected.

In 2010, Gen. Austin advised President Obama against withdrawing all U.S. forces from Iraq, recommending that the president instead leave 24,000 U.S. troops (down from 45,000) to secure the military gains made in the surge and prevent a terrorist resurgence. Had Obama listened to Austin’s counsel, the rise of the Islamic State could have been stopped.

But Obama rejected Austin’s advice and enthusiastically withdrew all U.S. all forces from the country, boasting that he was finally bringing an end to “the long war in Iraq.”

Now the “long war in Iraq” is back. And because Obama has not learned from his past mistakes, it is likely to get even longer.

Last week, Obama announced a strategy to re-defeat the terrorists in Iraq. But instead of listening to his commanders this time around, Obama once again rejected the advice of . . . you guessed it . . . Gen. Lloyd Austin.


Our friend Brandon gets a nice bit of recognition for the outstanding work he’s done on election coverage this year.

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  1. For some insight into how the Iraqi Army collapsed, read this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/10899134/Iraq-crisis-Generals-in-army-handed-over-entire-city-to-al-Qaeda-inspired-ISIS-forces.html

    If the mere hundreds of ISIS troops marching on Mosul had been face with one US RCT or BCT in addition to the Iraqi Army division stationed there, those Generals and other officers probably wouldn’t have felt the need to desert or thought they could give the city away to their friends by abandoning it. Another reason withdrawing everyone was stupid, but still bragged of.

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