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John Boyd is described by some as the greatest military strategist in history that no one knows. He began his military career as a fighter pilot in the Korean War, but he slowly transformed himself into one of the greatest philosopher-warriors to ever live.

In 1961, at age 33, he wrote “Aerial Attack Study,” which codified the best dogfighting tactics for the first time, became the “bible of air combat,” and revolutionized the methods of every air force in the world.

His Energy-Maneuverability (E-M) Theory helped give birth to the legendary F-15, F-16, and A-10 aircraft.

Perhaps his most significant contribution to military strategy, though, came from a series of briefings he gave. In them, Boyd laid out a way of thinking about conflict that would revolutionize warfare around the world.

The idea centers on an incredible strategic tool: the OODA Loop — Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Nation-states around the world and even terrorist organizations use the OODA Loop as part of their military strategy. It has also been adopted by businesses to help them thrive in a volatile and highly competitive economy.

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It’s a long post, but one of the better explanations of the OODA loop I’ve seen for the layman.

While AirLand Battle Doctrine didn’t embrace the OODA loop, it DID stress agility, and meant very much to do so in an intellectual, mental manner, not merely as a physical characteristic.

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  1. The OODA loop is fundamental to almost everything we do. That it isn’t recognized is irrelevant. Like most men who think on such things, they simply are recognizing what is going on and describing it.

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