I’m Alive!

Mostly. Had a great weekend in Tempe with a bunch of internet friends. Great hotel, and the rain held off just long enough. But man, it was hot and muggy. We had to share the hotel with a collegiate girl’s soccer team. The pool was barely big enough for that.

The Mills Avenue neighborhood right next to the ASU campus was terrific, with lots of fun, food, and refreshing adult beverages.

Now, to try to catch up with the real world, and start writing.

I’ve met more than a few readers of the blog over the years. How many of you have gone to a meet up of internet friends? Did you expect it to be creepy, only to turn out well? Because all of my meet up experiences have been quite good.

14 thoughts on “I’m Alive!”

  1. I have enjoyed a few get-togethers with Rottie friends over the years. Glad to have had the opportunity to meet friends. And have had the opportunity to meet a few Hostages mostly on a one-on-one level. And as always, it has been fun and very enjoyable. The trick is to stay mostly sober 🙂

  2. The only time I did that was when I went to Lex’s memorial service. Met some of the people with whom I had “chatted” at his site. Also Mary and his daughters. Had a great time in spite of the sadness of the occasion.


  3. First time was with a RV group about 12 years ago. When we announced we were driving the motorhome down to Kerrville to meet up with some people I had met on the internet our kid’s reaction was “WTF, are you nuts???.”
    It was a great RV rally (with many more to come) and we have some friendships that will last a lifetime.

    1. Kerrville good!!! Sometime try Balmorea State Park in West Texas for desert wonderfullness.

  4. Went to a Lex meetup at the usual haunt the summer before Lex was killed. Met Flit and figured out who he was before FBL introduced us. It was a good experience, a first for me for that sort of thing. I met a couple guys singly before that, but never as a group.

  5. I had fun at a mini Moron (AoSHQ) meet-up in Kansas City. We met in a downtown barbecue place in a sketchy neighborhood. Good people — all 5 of them.

    XBradTC, my most profound sympathies about you having to share the pool with young, fit, college-age female soccer players. That must have been tough. Were you thinking ” I wonder if her mom is divorced?”

    1. Salty:

      I understood the manner in which you meant your jest. Perhaps I should have written “score” instead.


  6. I remember when I hit “the age” when I saw an comely young lass riding her bicycle and thought “…that is a beautiful Colnago (Italian Bicycle).”

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