Breakfast, Russian Style

I found this link over at the ONT.

A typical Russian Army breakfast in garrison.

That’s breakfast. Here you can see what looks like oats and a sausage. The small white drink is “milk” and the small spread is “butter”. The glass on the left is a glass of tea. The thing on the right is two slices of Russian bread.  

Follow the link to see other meals. Overall, it doesn’t look too bad. But by way of comparison, here’s a fairly typical garrison breakfast in the US Army.

I kinda prefer ours, but I’ll admit, the Russian meals looked better than I expected.

14 thoughts on “Breakfast, Russian Style”

  1. “the Russian meals looked better than I expected.”

    Those scrawny recruit-looking soldiers don’t look very well fed to me. And those clean, ill-fitting uniforms obviously have not seen much wear. I would expect to see some sign of use, particularly by lunchtime. I think it’s a staged scene, not some guy posting candid photos.

    After looking at that menu, it doesn’t look very nourishing to me. Proportionately high in carbs and low in protein, fat, fruits and vegetables and probably a low total calory content.

    1. That’s the sort of diet they are raised on. High carb meals are common among poorer countries. Just ask around among depression babies and you’ll see that was common for us at one time too. Only wealthy countries get a lot of animal protein in their diet.

  2. Pumpkin- high in fiber and low in calories, pumpkin packs a fortune
    of disease-fighting nutrients, including potassium, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and E.
    If you choose diet shakes, be careful to choose those containing more fiber with less sugar.

    Blueberries Chock filled with anti-oxidants and also phytoflavinoids, Blueberries are also high in potassium as well as ascorbic acid.

  3. I should show those pics to the manager of the Hampton Inn in which I’ve spent the last 2 work weeks (with one more to come).

    Bacon. Give me bacon and something to toast/butter and I will be happy. Your pre-fab omelet balls fool no one and your “spiced potatoes” came from a boil-in bag and need real skillet time.

    Just serve bacon and no one will complain except the vegans. Screw them.

    1. It’s a sin that you can’t get decent potatoes anywhere anymore. Cooking decent hash browns or whatever ain’t rocket science. I don’t even bother ordering them anymore. And eggs poured from a carton or sliced from a loaf.

      I have even been places where they ruin the bacon. How can you ruin bacon?

      You know the world is really effed up when you can’t even get a decent breakfast.

      At least the eggs aren’t green. Right?

  4. Bacon AND Snausages AND Hash Browns AND Scrambled Eggs! HUZZAH! All it needs is an English Muffin with butter and raspberry jam!

    1. “I’m always curious as to what an “English muffin” is.”

      It’s basically a crumpet.

      I like the full English breakfast, even if the kippers are a little salty.

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