Weekend Meetup

So, we’re heading to PHX this weekend. Purely a social gathering with some fellow bloggers, including about 50% of the active writing staff here. There may be alcohol involved.

We had hoped to produce some quality content to cover the weekend, but to our surprise, our anticipation of getting out of the house and having a social life with real, live meatsacks instead of pixels has us a touch giddy.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, with a couple of different groups of bloggers, many of which actually tend to overlap. A Venn diagram of our online social circle would be fairly complex.

Our first blogger meatup was, oh, 2008 or so. We actually met Ace. And yes, we killed a hobo.* And we still regularly meet with at least one of the persons at that gathering.

Phoenix isn’t a terribly long journey for us, but other attendees for this weekend gig are flying in from around the country. Some we’ve met before, others we’ve known for a decade, but have never met.

You’d think a story of meeting people you’ve only known on the internet would wind up being a murder of the week mystery on cable TV, but in fact, the really weird thing is, having chatted with these friends for years, you simply pick up the conversation where you left off.



*Inside joke for fans of Ace.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Meetup”

  1. Phoenix! I’ll be in Phoenix 4th to the 10th…
    I know a guy who knows a guy who met Tam & RobertaX once.
    And Borepatch… And the Czar at the Gormogons.
    I’m six degrees of separation to blog fame…

  2. Have fun!

    Is there an Ewok-shaped searchlight shining in the clouds over Phoenix?*

    * more AoSHQ humor

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