Convicted Cold War spy John Walker dies in prison –

John Walker, a former U.S. Navy officer convicted of spying decades ago for the Soviet Union, has died in federal prison, according to the U.S. government.

Walker, 77, passed away Thursday at a federal correctional facility in Butner, North Carolina, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said. The agency’s website indicated Walker was scheduled to be released on parole within the year.

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It’s hard to overstate the horrific damage Walker did to US security. Some speculate that the North Koreans seized the USS Pueblo as a proxy for the Soviets in order to secure the crypto hardware that Walker was providing the keys for.

Don’t forget that when Walker compromised our communications, the US Navy was relying on that commo to provide operational orders to the fleet for conducting airstrikes over North Vietnam. Who knows how many aviators were killed because their targets were known to the North Vietnamese beforehand.


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  1. Good. We lucked out on not fighting the Soviets.

    One of my COs was Jerry Whitworth’s Operations Officer. Jerry Whitworth was his leading radioman, and supposedly good at his job.

    That was an awkward conversation I could never get back.

  2. Due to be paroled within the year eh. I echo the words of Maxwell Smart, “…missed it by that much.”

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