Crew Quarters

Business Insider has a brief photo essay on one of my favorite topics, the hidden crews quarters on long haul jetliners. On really long flights, the pilots and cabin crew can rack out for a bit in these snug, but comfortable spaces. Submariners will find them familiar.

b Boeing 777 4

And while the BI post only shows the 777 and the 787, most large long haul jets have the option for quarters, including the 747, the A330, A340, and of course the massive A380.


6 thoughts on “Crew Quarters”

  1. I dunno, I am fine with one for the pilot/copilot, but the rest of ’em should have to deal with uncomfortable seats just like the passengers do. Damn flight attendants don’t have to be fully rested to push the cart up and down the aisle. =)

  2. I dunno, seems like kind of a small space to make Naughty Stewardess porn, dunnit?

  3. Oh the mind wanders. I remember my first Space A that was on a C-5B and although on one leg of the trip I was seated in the aft upstairs seating, I was allowed to ride another leg in the fore upstairs part where the relief crew rack out, have a kitchen, small conference room etc. I have no problems with small space as long as I can stretch out.

  4. Do they wake you up when it’s time to go on watch by shining a rig for red flashlight in your face?

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