Man says helicopters flew close to his Ocean Beach home – KGTV ABC10 San Diego

SAN DIEGO – A local man sent 10News video of two military helicopters flying very close to his home along the cliffs of Ocean Beach.

“And I was just standing there with my palms up and my hands out like this asking them, ‘What are you doing?!’ And they flew by,” said Jim Baird.

The video shows the helicopters turning at what appears to be the last second and heading south.

“They were scary close,” said Baird. “I mean, you could feel the pulsation of the blades on your body.”

via Man says helicopters flew close to his Ocean Beach home – KGTV ABC10 San Diego.

I can’t get the video to embed, so you’ll have to go to the article to see the histrionics of this pansy waving his arms around.  Were the Air Force helicopters close? Eh, yeah, fairly. But they never flew directly over his house.

Personally, I’d love to have a house where I could sit on the back deck and have a personal airshow.

Sound of Freedom, baby!

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  1. Oh the poor baby! I have had a few AH-64’s (I’m not really up on all versions) loaded for bear closer than that at the place I lived on a mountain in Israel. Loved it, Wish I had a camera when they suddenly popped up and over.

  2. I hope beach boy never has the misfortune of getting into a bad accident or serious illness, or maybe an earthquake or landslide (heh), and has to rely on a medevac helicopter. I wonder if he would object then.

    I lived fairly close to a SAC base once. You don’t have to live real close to notice when those B-52s take off. And when they all take off at around 2 AM the noise is not at the top of your list of worries.

    1. My father got orders for Ramstein AFB and we stayed in the hospitality house for two weeks before my parents found housing. The hospitality house was all of 200 yards from the flight line and I had to learn to go to sleep to the sound of jet engines being runup for test. After we moved, it took about a week to get used to not having the jets running.

    2. I wonder if I can claim hearing loss as service connected if it involves my father’s service putting me near all those loud noises?

  3. I got the Lakota pilot I was flying with the other day to fly as close to my house as he was allowed to. Pretty good view but not too close.

  4. I was driving about a month and a half ago and I swear there was a Seahawk about to miss the landing zone and land on us on the freeway at dusk. At the last minute he sort of realized that our headlights were not in fact the lights he was supposed to be aiming for (the pad near the freeway that they practice on according to by brother in law). Was both neat and scary.

  5. He is pretty high above the water,somebody should tell him it’s AGL, not above his house. Although it looks like his house may be at sea level before long.

    1. I always laugh at these idiots that build/live on bluffs that have been eroding since the last ice age when they wonder why their houses wind up at the bottom.

  6. When Tuttle and Lex had their little spat, it was never determined what the sound of freedom was. I’m inclined to accept the beat of rotors, the whine of jets as well as the thrum of turboprops.

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