Maybe She Should Just Burn Them…


Seems the intolerant intellectual fascism of the American Far-Left remains in full flower.  Erica Payne, the vulgar uber-“liberal” progressive strumpet whose Agenda Project is yet another conduit for mega-wealthy leftists to disparage anyone who deigns to disagree with them, has decided that the way to combat Paul Ryan’s legal free expression is through vandalism.

Erica Payne, founder and president of the left-wing Agenda Project, is encouraging people to deface the cover of Paul Ryan’s new book, which is hitting shelves today.

Not a new paradigm, to be sure.  




Erica Payne provides a representative sample of the extreme prejudice and closed-minded intolerance of a bankrupt intellectual philosophy.  Disagreement with the far-left ideology will not only be brutally suppressed, but those who espouse such heresy will be flagged as threats.  This should come as a surprise to nobody, not after the machinations of the IRS and other government entities, including the race-mongering Justice Department, now in the sway of the most malignant administration in the history of our Republic.  

Time was, books would be burned, instead of merely vandalized.  But that probably involves a carbon footprint which will accelerate Global Warming.  (No estimate on the environmental impact of burning the homes of Global Warming skeptics.)  So the Erica Paynes of the world will have to settle for defacing private property in lieu of providing cogent counter-argument.  Which demonstrates just how illiberal those who consider themselves the most “liberal” truly are.   

Perhaps instead of the coarsely vulgar slogan adopted to disparage the Tea Party, Ms. Payne’s Agenda Project could find a more appropriate one.  Sieg Heil comes to mind.  


14 thoughts on “Maybe She Should Just Burn Them…”

  1. Let me see if I understand. Book burning in the accepted configuration of an event such as that has historically been conducted by Nationalistic, it could be argued, conservative governing entities. Comes now Ms. Payne a most likely firm left, liberal person in which her and her ilk strongly resist and resent (abhor) inhibition of knowledge want to inhibit this book by the Senator? Would this be the textbook definition of anachronism? I’m up for a learning moment if I am out of the lane.

    1. I don’t think anachronism would be correct, since book-burning is not limited to only one era in history. I assume it is still done somewhere these days. “Hypocritical” might characterize their actions better – since they typically claim to be in favor of open exchange of ideas while prohibiting espousal of any divergent opinion.

  2. Methinks the book burning was carried out by totalitarian extremists, irrespective of identity on the political spectrum. Ms. Payne is precisely that ilk.

    It is said that the difference between conservatives and “liberals” is this: If conservatives don’t smoke, they won’t buy cigarettes. If “liberals’ don’t smoke, they want cigarettes outlawed and tobacco farmers put in jail.

  3. The Left is enthusiastically in favor of freedom, tolerance, and free expression… until they are in power.

    Which makes you wonder why the Right stupidly insists on permitting the Left to expand its power through the exercise of so-called freedom, tolerance, and free expression…

  4. I see the defacement of books when I go to the library. When I check out military histories, inevitably, I spend time trying to erase all the liberal lies scribbled in them. For example, I’m reading Black Horse Riders right now. Every chance some d-bag gets, he writes notations claiming that all soldiers in Vietnamese were 1) racist 2) baby killers in particular 3) war criminals in general and 4) treated to well/not protested or spit upon when they returned home.

    1. Yeah but I sometimes annotate the lying liberal books I get from the library, like that appalling “Kill Everything That Moves” book. =)

  5. Scratch a Liberal, and right beneath you have a screaming fascist ready to SIEG HEIL!! their way down the liebenstrasse. Gonna be another messy one, come the time

  6. It is astonishing how being a “Progressive” apparently gives the believer a license to hate with every cell in their body, and at the same time, believe that everyone else is the intolerant one.

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