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It’s not quite at earplugs/rubber bullets level, but the press again  shows it has absolutely no clue about firearms.


DES PLAINES, Ill. – Federal officials are investigating after two semi-automatic rifles given to the Des Plaines police department more than a decade ago were discovered missing.

The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reports the agency that manages the Defense Department’s surplus property program referred the matter to its Office of the Inspector General.

via Federal officials investigating missing semi-automatic rifles | Fox News.

Here’s the problem. Just below this snippet is this:

Des Plaines received a pair of M-16A1 rifles in 2002 through a Department of Defense program that supplies local law enforcement with surplus military equipment.

The M16A1 is not a semiautomatic rifle.  It is a selective fire rifle, capable of either semiautomatic fire, or fully automatic fire. If the rifles in question are truly surplus military M16A1s, losing them is a big deal.

In the Army, if you lose a weapon (any weapon, not just automatic weapons) everything gets locked down. Nobody gets to leave, for as long as it takes. Your 4th amendment rights are… well, not ignored, but certainly constrained. Everything and everybody is getting searched. If it takes a month of lockdown, so be it.


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  1. Only takes one of those events to make sure one polices ones own comrades in arms. NVG/NODS devices, some commo gear etc. bring same type of lockdown.

  2. When I was in Germany our ammo dump came up one case of hand grenades short. I had been on guard duty at the dump the night before the missing grenades were noticed. This was long before 9/11 and security was a bad joke. For some reason I became a prime suspect and had a very interesting week of interrogations by CID and other fun stuff. The whole caserne was locked down; one Inf. bn., one Arm. bn., one Bde. HQ., and some other units.

    Ah, good times.

  3. My son-in-law’s unit at Ft. Stupid was getting ready to go to the field and an M-16 came up missing. It took 4 days of lock down before it was found. The trooper it had been issued to had misplaced it and it was found in some gear already loaded on a truck. I had spent about an hour talking with the Company CO and first shirt that morning, before the lockdown, and really felt sorry for them.

  4. My understanding is that many (maybe all?) of the M16A1s DOD gives out to local police departments have been modified to be semi-auto only. I know this is the case with the rifles LAPD received from DOD several years back (when they were starting up their Urban Rifle Program in the wake of the North Hollywood shootout), but I don’t know if this is the universal policy. In any case, the Fox News headline might actually be technically correct.

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