Syrian Rebels use a TOW Missile to snipe a tank

Via Funkers 350.



Where did the FSA get the US made TOW missile system? Probably not from us. But there are literally dozens of nations that use it, and it can’t have been too hard for someone to slip pretty fair numbers of the TOW system and some older missiles to the rebels. You could fit the whole thing in a car.

And you’ll notice it’s pretty dirt simple to assemble and operate (at least, during daylight, against a single stationary target).

Notice also the relatively long time of flight for the shot. The TOW is a fairly slow missile, with a time of flight of up to 23 seconds out to its maximum range.

And finally, notice also that the tank (my eyes are failing, I can’t tell if it’s a T-55 or a T-62) has plenty of secondary explosions in the aftermath. Tanks may be a steel box on treads, but they’re also packed with stuff that loves to burn.

8 thoughts on “Syrian Rebels use a TOW Missile to snipe a tank”

  1. T-54/55 as I call it. Space between the 1st and 2nd road wheels. Can’t be sure if there’s a bore evacuator/fume extractor on the end of that gun.

  2. Going with “Terror” on this one based on bore evacuator. Your eyes aren’t old…that is a long way off!

  3. Why, after blowing up the tank, would you stand around filming it burning for 3 minutes? I guess they weren’t concerned about somebody coming after them? And what’s one tank doing sitting all by it’s lonesome out in the open? I know we know none of the background beyond what is shown in the video- ie is the wingman off camera? But that looks like a decent enough drainage ditch in front- would have given a little bit of concealment at least. Then again, if those guys had the time to hump a TOW system up a hill with the intention of taking that tank out, says the tank had been sitting there a while. I can understand being lazy in training (not condone, but understand), but if my life depended on that tank not exploding, I’d like to think I’d be a little more careful.

    1. Everything I’ve seen from the Syrian army shows they don’t know how to tank at all. A lone tank sitting buttoned up and exposed isn’t something I put past them.

      1. Yeah, I’ve not been terribly impressed by what I’ve seen. Of course, we tend to see the successful shots, not the ones where Syrian armor isn’t terminally stupid.

  4. Even as a civilian, I had the same reaction. Standing around admiring your work after a TOW missile attack seems to usually be career-limiting.

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