We think the MV-22B Osprey is far too expensive a platform for  the Marine medium lift role it fulfills.  But that’s essentially our only real concern with the program. As aviation enthusiasts, we like it.

We were just now sitting outside, and felt a distinctive rumble, more a gentle purring coming up through the soles of our feet than a sound really. That’s the trademark we’ve come to associate with the approach of Ospreys enroute from MCAS Miramar to 29 Palms.  And sure enough, about a minute later:


There really are two MV-22B’s in the pic, just above and to the left of the tree.

Oddly, while we can feel the approach, the Osprey in airplane mode is extremely quiet, far quieter than most turboprop aircraft. And it is a slightly hazy day here, making the Osprey’s ghost gray paint scheme very effective.

5 thoughts on “Osprey”

  1. There was an Osprey flyover for the funeral of the former Commandant of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Chillens. It was kinda neat. And you are right about the quietude of them.

  2. I see an MV22 Tree in the picture. Fire the photographer. On a good note, I got a left-seat ride in a Lakota today. Was pretty fun. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera.

    1. I’m so old and long in the tooth relative to my rather lengthy sport parachuting time that I thought initially you meant “Dakota”…on the same page now.

  3. Actually, there are several problems with the Osprey, aside from the excessive unit cost as you mentioned. Survivability (or lack thereof), lack of ability to auto-rotate, lack of a forward-facing gun to provide suppressive fire when entering an LZ, etc. It’s just not well-suited to its purpose. Purely from the standpoint of an aviation geek, it is a cool aircraft, though, I’ll grant you that.

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