Outside the Box

Well, the doc in the box, anyway. Gonna be tied up taking a family member into the medical system today. Nothing terribly frightening. But time consuming, and never fun. Plus it cuts into blogging time.   Sad smile

We should be back online this afternoon and hope to share our wit and wisdom with you then.

What’s your worst/best/funniest medical story?

4 thoughts on “Outside the Box”

  1. I had surgery last year to remove a thankfully benign tumor. I had to be at the hospital at an early hour and had to have fasted for the previous 12 hours. This of course seriously cut into my coffee drinking. My first words to the nurse upon waking in post anesthesia was “I want coffee. Black.”. I had my coffee before they even wheeled my into recovery.

  2. Couple of years ago when I had a heart arrhythmia, found out they had to stop my heart to restart it back in rhythm.

    The arrhythmia was a side effect of the drugs I was taking for the Hepatitis C I was infected with when I joined the service back in 1976.

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