Apollo 10 LM

The “dress rehearsal” flight for the first moon landing was Apollo 10. They did everything except land. Launch, TLI, LM rendezvous and extraction, midcourse update, LOI, LM separation and descent burn, and then ascent stage to rendezvous with the CSM, LM jettison, TEI burn, and finally SM jettison and CM reentry. Critically, it was the first flight of the LM in lunar orbit.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m0MgoLhSW0]

What’s surprising is just how roomy the inside of the LM was. You’ll notice there were no seats. The crew simply stood, with straps and harnesses to keep them from floating in a weightless environment.

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  1. Micheal Collis noted (in Carrying the Fire<)that the LEM for Apollo 10 was overweight. He also said to go that far and have to wave-off the landing was tough on the pilots.

    1. Yeah, both the LM and CSM went through weight reduction programs, all while the stack went through payload capacity upgrades. Snoopy *could* have landed. And taken off. Just wouldn’t have made orbit.

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