Deep Thoughts With XBrad

As usual, some idiots  are already announcing there’s no military solution to the crisis in Iraq.

You know who thinks there’s a military solution in Iraq?



Ugh. Do you tubmlr?  The popular microblogging platform has a subculture of youngsters obsessed with “social justice” in a fringe way that… well, basically, you’re sexist, homophobic and a monster.


What the heck?

h/t: ScottW


Feinstein isn’t famous for her brilliance, but even she knows the President’s half-assed “strategy” in Iraq is dumb.



We mentioned a while back that South Korea is looking to purchase some retired S-3B Vikings. Tuna over at Old AF Sarge’s place has a bit more detail, as well as a look at possible future Korean flattops. Tuna is an old S-3 guy, so I’m sure he’s happy that at least someone wants to fly the Hoover.


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  1. You should see what happens when you suggest, on tumblr, that the writers of a certain show have made a historical character from the 18th Century that does not have any of the beliefs of an 18th Century character and that perhaps he should have some amazement about certain ideas.

  2. If Fauxcahontas thinks there should be a negotiated solution, I say, send her over there to negotiate it.

    “Senator, I’m appointing you Special Envoy to the Islamic Caliphate. If you return with your head… I mean, as soon as you succeed, you’ll be a shoo-in for the Nobel Prize and the 2016 nomination. Good luck!”

  3. Two planes.

    Four bombs.

    Does this strike anyone else as the most limp-wristed response since Saint Jimmah canceled our attendance at the Moscow Olympics?

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