A letter from a major fired by the Army

This letter arrived this morning. I am running it with the author’s permission:

My name is Major Charles V. Slider III and I am currently stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I am an African-American armor officer, proud father, and husband and graduate of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. I was selected for the recently convened Officer Separation Boards for the Department of the Army for a mistake over eight years ago. The mistake was a DUI in which I received a General Officer Memorandum for Record in 2006. Since this incident, I strived for excellence in every job that I performed.

via A letter from a major fired by the Army.

Sorry, Major, you were living on borrowed time, and you know it.

Let’s take a look at those Majors selected for separation that didn’t have a GOMOR in their file. How do you think they feel about getting the axe if there are guys with DUIs selected to retain?

It’s not like the Army relishes booting people out, especially career oriented people.

And anyone that didn’t see the bloodbath coming, especially a SAMS grad that presumably knows some of our nation’s history, isn’t looking at the well established trend of slashing troop levels after every war.

Given the size of the Army, there will inevitably be some cases on the margin, where an individual can make a plausible case that they were unfairly selected for separation. But to cherry pick those cases would inevitably cause the generally fair and impartial process in place to be skewed, and in the end result in an even more unjust result.

Finally, service to our nation is a privilege, not a right. Be thankful for the opportunity you had, and take pride in your service.


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  1. “As a combat veteran of two theaters, Iraq and Afghanistan, I do not expect to be treated differently or to receive any sort of pat on the back. However…”

    However… I’m whining that I’m being treated unfairly even when there are others also being separated that didn’t get behind a wheel drunk.
    And I played the race card.

    Nice job that.
    Yeah it sucks getting laid off, especially after a career of service.
    But you are not being treated unfairly. And since you expect to be treated no different, then why are you bitching and moaning?

    Suck it up Francis.

  2. Don’t really like or agree with Ricks’ work. He was insufferable in some presentations I had to attend against my will. Not surprised this was the Major’s choice of venue.

  3. Must have been nice to be in two protect groups, if he was a Point-man he would have had the trifecta and would not have gotten either this letter or the GOMOR for his DUI, but knowing people that were not an officer, was not a protected minority, thus did not have this Majors protected status, that got Other then Honorable discharges for a DUI.

    Sucks to be him, but it should have been worse for him.

  4. I can understand that but at the same time am amazed. In a time of National Emergency that DUI wouldn’t even be noticed. And I recently read (from here?) that in recruiting the military is having to look at only a small proportion of the youth who meet their criteria.

    I can understand that, too as who wants a Private with a felony on their record?

    I’d agree he knew the rules and shouldn’t whine.

    But at the same time, just for argument’s sake, lets say he was a natural leader who had every quality the Army desires – but had a DUI. As opposed to someone who is “just getting by” but nothing on their record.

    I’m not really arguing a position, just amazed that only a DUI 8 years ago would be so important.

    But when they are reducing the force, it’s all they need.

    1. The way this guy is whining, I don’t think the DUI is as important as he’s making it out to be. We’ve all seen someone hammered for a rather trivial offense simply because there’s nothing in the UCMJ against being a s#!tbag.

    2. Heh, yes Bill, the times they DO change. A buddy of mine in my plt tng class (66) had to drive his roommate to graduation ceremonies because he had TWO (2) DUIs, one off-base by local police and one on base by APs, so couldn’t drive anywhere. Didn’t seem to faze the good o;e USAF who needed aircrews to throw into the Vietnam meat-grinder. The guy was assigned F-4s, completed his tour and subsequent career and ret as an O-6.

    3. vx:

      I second salty, good to “see” you again.


      NaCly Dog: I hope you don’t mind me condensing your handle.


  5. They are going to screen these service records for anything that is “out of the norm.”
    Only the best will get to stay.
    Just an observation…………..

  6. Join the Guard/Reserves. That’s what big Army seems to be pushing to officers selected by the retention boards.
    What it’s going to do for the morale/image of the Guard/Reserves isn’t stated.
    “Oh you weren’t good enough for the active Army? Come on over” I’m sure the Captain who’s done 10 years and a couple of deployments and who won’t get promoted now that MAJ DUI shows up will just be thrilled to work with you.

  7. From Day 1 in the Army…EVERY officer is told repeatedly and taught at OBC that a DUI is a career-ender.

    Was he that enamored with himself that he thought he could muscle through it? He must have believed that he was in the clear after being selected for Captain, Major and SAMs. Its kind of like the Obama method of the Jedi Mind Screw…..if you say it enough or repeat the lie enough you will start to believe it’s true. He even refers to the DUI as a mistake – maybe re-phrase that to say it was a leadership / personal failure!

    It also says that his Commanders after the DUI were like parents and singing coaches telling their kid to try out for American Idol (knowing that the kid can NOT sing). You also have to question the selection board at SAMs for letting the kid in.

    The kid is a whiner.

  8. The only person I knew who didn’t make captain had a DUI (to include a LT that made racial remarks and stole the antennas off another platoon’s tracks because his didn’t make it to the railhead, he was promoted just fine). This guy got promoted twice beyond that…

    You were living on borrowed time and you knew it.

  9. I am sure he is a military genius and a wonderful human being, in addition to being African-American. As opposed to the rest of those majors who are all cretinous, miserable jerks who got promoted by bribery, extortion, and blackmail.

    He is also African-American, so I am sure racism is involved.

  10. I gave any Command Master Chief under my AOR a choice if they got a DUI; retire within 90 days or go to Admiral’s Mast and retire as an E-8. I have ZERO sympathy for the Major.

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