Intel for me, but not for thee.

Summary translation: China demands freedom from the United States to collect intelligence in U.S. Exclusive Economic Zones in the name of U.S. principles and domestic laws. China denies the United States reciprocal freedoms in the name of China’s own domestic laws.

Such lack of reciprocity flies in the face of international legal principles and support for an equitable, well-functioning international system. However, Beijing’s emerging tool of choice to promote its interests in this and some other important areas is not international law, but rather high-level political rhetoric and relationship management.

via PRC National Defense Ministry Spokesman Sr. Col. Geng Yansheng Offers China’s Most-Detailed Position to Date on Dongdiao-class Ship’s Intelligence Collection in U.S. EEZ during RIMPAC Exercise | Andrew S. Erickson.

To be a bit fair, we’ve been flying intel sorties off China since about 1949, as well as driving ships and subs in the area to gather intel. You’ve probably seen the news that China, in addition to being invited to RIMPAC 14, also sent a ferret ship to loiter in the area, uninvited. It’s somewhat rude, but perfectly legal. To my knowledge, that’s about as far east as they’ve ever sent a dedicated intel platform.


6 thoughts on “Intel for me, but not for thee.”

  1. The PRC is the enemy we need to take out now; Russia can wait for a while.


    1. America has a much closer enemy that is very hard to overcome. Our government is acting like an occupying army that wants to control every aspect of our lives. The controls on energy production coupled with loss of budgetary control is very worrisome. I see this as looting the country, with no ROI.

      China can wait. If we do not win back our lost freedoms and formerly productive economy China will not matter.

    2. Too true, Salty. I was just thinking of non-domestic enemies. It’s a real shame that the Marines aren’t doing their sworn duty.


  2. “To be a bit fair” — who cares about “fair”? They don’t. They only care about what’s good for China. If they ever enjoy a serious military advantage over them, we’ll find out just how little they care about “fair”.

  3. Since it’s perfectly “legal” for the ferret ship to hang out at RIMPAC, it should be perfectly legal for use to include an EWO scenario during RIMPAC. Just to test our own jamming/collection abilities

    1. Actually, you want to minimize your emissions and jamming when a ferret is around. The best possible course of action would be total EMCON. The Navy used to do that quite well in the 1980s. They no longer practice it, sadly.

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