I don’t want to hear one damn word about Israeli war crimes.

Every damn leftist tells me about purported Israeli genocide against Palestinians.  That’s crap. In all the Middle East, there are only 1.6 million Arabs that enjoy complete political and religious freedom. And they live in Israel.

You know who likes killing Arabs?



And if you don’t think for a second that Hamas would love to do to every Israeli what ISIS has done, you simply refuse to listen to what Hamas itself insists.

There’s video at the second link. I’m not going to post it. But you should watch, vomit, and realize the utter depravity the civilized world will sooner or later have to confront.

7 thoughts on “I don’t want to hear one damn word about Israeli war crimes.”

  1. We WERE confronting it, imperfect to be sure, but on their own turf. Then we abandoned victory to score political points.

  2. If Putin could be ignored for being “so 20th century”, I’m guessing that “going all medieval” won’t even be mentioned.

  3. But don’t worry. Jen Psaki let them know we have “solidarity” with them. Maybe Michelle can conjure a hashtag about it. You know, for the massacre of the young men from the country he summarily abandoned. How’s this? #Pleaseburythebodies

    Yeah, that oughtta strike fear into them.

  4. Genocide? The pop. of Gaza is about 1.8 million. About 1200 have been killed in a month. That works out to over 1,500 months to eliminate the population. That’s pretty inefficient even by Middle East standards.

    1. You’re not even taking into account that each day, there’s another 200 or so more, even accounting for the dead, Arabs in Gaza. Hell, since 1920, there have been about 93,000 Arabs killed by IDF and its precursors total (wars, intifada, occupation, Gaza, Lebanon etc). If its genocide, Israel is doing a really, really bad job of it.

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