Cornelius Davis, the stolen valor SGM : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here

WPTV in West Palm Beach says that they’ve talked with Cornelius Davis, the fellow who starred in the viral video last weekend at a funeral when he was cornered by a couple of Marines. Davis continues to claim that he’s a sergeant major and that he’s in the Army.

‘WPTV spoke with the man in the video, who refused to go on camera and said he was angry at the social media postings. He identified himself as 44-year-old Cornelius Davis, showing dog tags and scars.

A spokesperson for the United States Army says the items on the uniform do not make sense and are not correct.

The Army says it has no record of a Cornelius Davis with the date of birth he provided having served in the Army since 1999.’

via Cornelius Davis, the stolen valor SGM : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here.


This guy is ate up like a soup sammich.

If you try to impersonate a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine (or even a Coastguardsman) the gang at This Ain’t Hell will learn of it, and they will expose you as the fraud you are.

As TAH notes, they’ve done this so many times, they know beforehand the script the frauds will follow, even before the frauds know.



The miserable excuse for a human was first noticed by a couple of young Marines attending a funeral. A funeral for God’s sake.

7 thoughts on “Cornelius Davis, the stolen valor SGM : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here”

    1. Just because they didn’t lump his skull, being polite and all, doesn’t mean they didn’t want to.

  1. I still say stolen valor should be an affirmative defense available to honorably discharged veterans facing simple assault charges.

  2. Now that I’m home and can see the clip, the pic of the “SGM” leaves me with thought “where to begin?”

    The mix of ribbons and medals. The wearing of ossifer branch insignia. And on, and, on, and…..

    Those young Marines showed great restraint.

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