Here’s why no one trusts the liberal press to write about guns.

So, YahooFinance writer Douglas McIntrye writes a piece about Berretta offering a new rifle.

Gun company Beretta is tone deaf when it comes to calls for restrictions on powerful guns sold in the United States. It must be the chance to make money.

Beretta’s website carried an announcement that the ARX100 is “shipping now.” Beretta markets the rifle as “Italian Design — American Built.” Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful.

Emphasis mine.

First, nice way to editorialize right out the gate on a supposed news article. Second, McIntryre is dishonestly putting words in Beretta’s mouth. Nowhere in Berettas statement does it say “unusually powerful.” 

And anyone who has ever had even the most passing familiarity with small arms in the last 50 years knows the single biggest gripe with the .223/5.56mm family of ammunition is that it isn’t powerful enough.

Backing up briefly to the tone deaf portion, various AR based semi-automatic 5.56mm rifles constitute the most popular rifle today, in terms of sales. Of course Beretta is going to want to participate in that market. They’d be fools not to.  That’s not tone deaf. They hear exactly what the market is crying out loud for.

Shame on McIntrye, and shame on whomever is supposed to edit him at YahooFinance.

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21 thoughts on “Here’s why no one trusts the liberal press to write about guns.”

  1. More proof that the people telling the world about guns know nothing about guns.

    He should have just ‘Googled’ it.

  2. Old boy MacIntyre is unfortunately under the impression that the 2(&1/4″!!!) that he’s packing is “unusually large”- ergo-.223/556 is unusually powerful. If you went through life 4’10” @ 75#, with a 75 IQ (76 on th WAISR!!!!), you’d be scared & befuddled by commonplace things like: guns, girls, & kitties too.

  3. But Piers Morgan’s brother was in the British Army, which means Piers knows all about guns. He was quick to say so….

  4. “… the ARX100 is reasonably priced at $1,950, which does not include bullets.”


    1. Almost $2K and it doesn’t include the bullets? That sucks. But does it include the primer, powder, and case?

    2. Exactly the line that jumped out at me (other than “unusually powerful”)

  5. It’s simple math, really, from a business writer’s perspective.

    AR-15 vs an ARX-100.

    The ARX-100 is 6.66 times (!) more powerful, AND it has an “X” in the name.

    Clearly it is more powerful.

  6. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, I think I went brain dead after reading it. WTF?

  7. Liberalism is a serious and dangerous MENTAL DISORDER.

    Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

  8. Unusually powerful .22 is more like it. But boy that extreme recoil almost knocked that lib down!

    h/t Despise Despiser: Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

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