You too can fire an SA-11 Buk!

Someone asked me how hard it is to learn to operate the SA-11 Buk system used to shoot down MH17.

Like most Soviet era weapons, it was designed to be operated by conscripted soldiers. Admittedly, Air Defense troops tended to be selected from the brighter conscripts, and the Soviet Army used officers to supervise tasks that western armies would use an NCO for. To operate the system well, as a part of an integrated air defense plan took training and experience and judgment. But to simply learn to shoot a missile was a good deal easier.

And if you’d like to learn how, there’s a simulator for it. You can also learn to operate various other Soviet era SAMs such as the SA-2 and the SA-5.


2 thoughts on “You too can fire an SA-11 Buk!”

  1. It’s not like they had to contend with any jamming or evasive maneuvers coming from the target. Something about fish and barrels comes to mind.

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