3 thoughts on “RIP James Garner”

  1. I am saddened by our loss of Mr. Garner. He had numerous roles in which he played very good, strong men.


  2. It’s sad to contemplate that so many in Hollywood used to be patriots and were willing, and did serve, in combat. One that springs to mind is Clark Gable, who went on mission with the 8th Air Force during the most dangerous period of the war and brought back in excess of 50,000 feet of combat footage, footage which the public saw in 12 O’clock High and other movies.

    There were many other. Hollywood hasn’t always hated the US.

  3. Does anyone else remember the t.v. show he was in during the early ’70s? It didn’t last a full season, but it had some very powerful messages. I think it got pulled because of too much truth to power.


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