“Houston, Tranquility Base here…”

On this day in 1969, those words spoken by Neil Armstrong traveled across some quarter million miles of space to the headsets of the Mission Control Team, and the televisions of a significant portion of humanity, signaling that the Apollo 11 Lunar Module had landed upon the surface of the moon.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_OD2V6fMLQ]


To this day, the Apollo program remains, 45 years later, a stunning achievement, an effort unparalleled in terms of planning, construction, development and manufacturing. 

NASA has a fine collection of materials on the history of the Apollo program, both technical and for the layman. I’m currently reading this fine overview of the program.

1 thought on ““Houston, Tranquility Base here…””

  1. We lived in Germany at the time (near Stuttgart) and the day after the landing Americans could do no wrong. Even the East Germans and Rooskis were cowed (things along the border suddenly got quite for awhile). As one German worker told my father, “Americans can do anything.”

    Now it seems “Americans won’t do anything.” With the “leadership” we have now, it’s no wonder.

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