Malaysian Airlines shot down over Ukraine

Dang near every news source is reporting the shoot down of Malaysian Air MH17 over the Ukraine. It’s reported that 295 souls were on board.

Airliners fly at 30,000 feet or more, so this wasn’t a simple shoulder launched missile, but a larger radar guided surface to air missile. Some reports say it was a “Buk” missile system, but of course, with all the finger pointing going on, there’s no way to be sure.

Recently, pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have claimed to have shot down a couple of Ukrainian military aircraft, including one at an altitude above MANPADS range. It’s likely that they also shot down MH17.


7 thoughts on “Malaysian Airlines shot down over Ukraine”

  1. Ther are also reports of Ukrainian Su-25 shot down by an AAM and another An-26 by a SAM today, too.

    Also saw at least one poorly informed article description of a BUK missile launcher as “fitting in a golf bag”– which makes my brain hurt. Lots of confusion on what happened right now, like normal.

    1. Having just googled the Buk launcher, I understand your pain.

      Really, people? A flipping golf bag!? Prolly from the same people who call semi-auto .22LR rifles “assault weapons.”

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