How Soon Until the Left Blames Israel?

As our friend DKE notes on Facebook, the Russian proxies in Ukraine (seriously, their military commander is a Russian, they’re not even hiding that) have killed more innocent civilians in one fell swoop than Israel has in weeks of retaliatory raids in Gaza. Israel has been accused of genocide and war crimes, ad nauseum. Will the same folks be able to muster similar outrage against Russia?

With one missile, the Russians have killed more people than the Israelis have in the last two weeks.
All, by the way, civilians.
Yeah, I’ll wait for the leftist outrage.

Update. That didn’t take long

8 thoughts on “How Soon Until the Left Blames Israel?”

    1. Well, that’s a fair enough comparison. I sincerely doubt they intentionally targeted a civilian airliner. They apparently thought they were going after an An-26. Though how they confused a 550mph airliner with a 350mph turboprop is a question.

    2. The Vincennes thought it was a F-14. I got that from one of the people on the bridge, who had served with me on another ship.

  1. Humungus screwup on a Russians fault. But Putin will mutter some apologies. And it will pass Putin knows there is nobody in the world who has the balls to confront him.

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