If it’s this Boeing, I’m definitely going!

Via The Verge, a fantastic demonstration of the new 787-9 at Farnborough Airshow.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZRKm6PG918?feature=player_embedded]

Be sure to watch this one in full screen.

8 thoughts on “If it’s this Boeing, I’m definitely going!”

  1. I’ve always suspected that airliners have a lot of performance envelope that airlines won’t allow to be shown.

    Would have been better if they’d rolled it like the Dash 80.

  2. Even though I bet that thing was empty, the angle of attack on take off was well, mind boggling. The SU-27 does something like that at Airsho’s except instead of leveling out “on the top” just drops back down into its wash and I was for a moment suspiscious something like that was going to happen…I truly held my breath. Captainned I’m with you…roll that puppy!!!

  3. Looks like Moses Lake, Wa. where Boeing typically does lots of it’s flight testing.

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