Israeli Patriot Battery Intercepts Explosive Laden Drone

The twitter account @IsraelBreaking reports:

Mind you, that’s not an official IDF account, but they’ve been pretty spot on recently.

Asdod is a seaside port on the Mediterranean coast, about 20 miles north of Gaza. I’d sure like some more information on the drone itself- its size and level of sophistication. That would give a good indication of whether it was homemade, or imported from…. say… the Iranians.


3 thoughts on “Israeli Patriot Battery Intercepts Explosive Laden Drone”

  1. A Patriot on a drone? Something is not quite right. I could see firing a land based Phalanx but a missile that is designed for much more and costs 2 to 3 million dollars a shot. Makes me question the reporting.

    1. Phalanx is the last line of defense, so it’s better to leave your options open.

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