Hilary Clinton’s speaking fees

So, Hillary Clinton gets from about $200,000 to $250,000 for speaking at a university for an hour or so, basically a stump speech.

But  Hillary didn’t “profit” from her speaking fees, since she donates them to the Clinton Foundation.

Hmmm…. purely altruistic, of course.

Mind you, by making a charitable donation to the foundation of say, $1mm or so in cumulative fees, she gets a whopping income tax deduction that nicely offsets some of the taxable income from the advance she received for the book she sold.

Also, foundations typically pay their officers a tidy little salary. The IRS has been getting a tad more inquisitive lately on some foundations, but one suspects that the Clinton Foundation hasn’t come under much scrutiny on that front.

Foundations also quite often pick up a lot of “expenses” that their officers incur in the course of their foundation duties. That’s normal and reasonable usually. But one again suspects this is an area that might have been abused a bit in the Clinton’s case.

And let’s not forget the real purpose of the Clinton foundation isn’t to do good, but rather to serve as a slush fund for the Clintons to pay out to favored supporters.

6 thoughts on “Hilary Clinton’s speaking fees”

  1. She continues to be corrupt. It’s not about the wider society of America, it’s what we can pay to her.

  2. Is it possible to be more corrupt than the Democratic Party? How can such non-stop evil-doing have gone on for so long?

    1. Giving money to your own foundation, then taking the deduction, then paying yourself a salary isn’t illegal or unethical. But portraying yourself as altruistic is a bit much.

    2. If you are simultaneously portraying yourself as “broke”, it is a deliberate lie, which goes to Badger’s point, I think.

    3. And don’t forget, she is also lying when she claims, in apparent seriousness, that this is a “donation” to “charity”.

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