Random Reminiscence

Back in the the 1990s during one of the endless series of Balkan wars, I was a recruiter. And quite often I had to visit a doctor’s office that performed consultations on prospective recruits.

My drive to his office took me past the local Serbian Association Hall. And just down the road was the Croation Society Building.

Separated by about 300 yards.

You know.  Just in small arms range.

I guess they held their weekly events on different nights.

1 thought on “Random Reminiscence”

  1. Town I used to live in had two convenience stores across the street from one another. One Indian owned, one Pakistani owned. Nice folks, the both of them. The Indian one had a little better selection, Pakistani had better coffee. I used to refer to the road between them as the Line of Control. 🙂 In a way though, it’s kind of heartening. Both those folks came here seeking something better.

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