Will The Perpetually Aggrieved Left Just Shut The Hell Up Already?

Steve Waxman, managing editor of Boston Review, pens the whiniest, most smug opinion piece we’ve seen in a while, lashing out at the US military for having the audacity to name helicopters and weapons for Native American tribes and people.

But even if the NFL and Redskins brass come to their senses and rename the team, a greater symbolic injustice would continue to afflict Indians — an injustice perpetuated not by a football club but by our federal government.

In the United States today, the names Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Lakota, Cheyenne and Kiowa apply not only to Indian tribes but also to military helicopters. Add in the Black Hawk, named for a leader of the Sauk tribe. Then there is the Tomahawk, a low-altitude missile, and a drone named for an Indian chief, Gray Eagle. Operation Geronimo was the end of Osama bin Laden.

Steve doesn’t bother finding people who take issue with the naming of the Army’s helicopters or such. No, it’s enough that the current manufactured outrage over the NFL team exists that we must all grovel at the feet of the PC police, even if no one is actually offended by any of this.

As Apache pilot extraordinaire Dan McClinton notes:

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in quite some time. The Apache nation for instance endorsed the naming of the AH-64…maybe he should get his facts straight?

But you see, the left doesn’t care. How dare the Apache nation approve of such a thing? That denies the grievance industry the opportunity to take a meaningless stand to feel morally superior and smug compared to, well, just about everyone, without having to actually do something.

There’s plenty of injustice in our world. Let’s stop inventing moral crises until we’ve addressed the real ones.

H/T to reader Steve (not Waxman)

13 thoughts on “Will The Perpetually Aggrieved Left Just Shut The Hell Up Already?”

    1. Well I AM an old white guy who has to work up a purple headed turgid, but I don’t complain about such things that are being pointed out. I did get a chuckle out of everything but the left sided PC police complaining about a naming scheme that’s been around since the Army has been flying rotary A/C. I once was told by a motorist to do a sexual act to myself that is impossible to do and he ended it with “…old man”, you know it’s the autumn of your life when you get called old man the first time.

  1. Show me an Army chopper that doesn’t have a tribal name. It’s the bleeding naming scheme after all.

  2. The Redskins thing is sheer idiocy as well. Woodland Indians painted themselves Red before battle and that’s where the term originated. Rather than whine about such things, Indians used to point to that with pride. It’s only with the arrival of the leftist psychosis business that it has become an issue.

    The only institutional racism in effect is among the meth addled leftist press.

    1. If only we Could get them hooked on meth…. they’d write so much that they might someday get to the truth! Also some of them might get sick and die from the meth

    2. …I thought it was because Europeans of the time considered white skin a sign of gentle birth, hence exposure to sunlight anathema. They were rather bemused when they first met sunburned (red-skinned) Indians, hence the name.

      Or so I’ve been told. 🙂

      Being an alumnus of Miami University, I’ve had to put up with this crap before. The (former) Miami Redskins are now the Redwings. Or Redhawks. Whatever.

  3. Grievance is like Diversity. It is a veritable industry, with business models and revenue generation, the whole shebang. Problem is, our Constitutional Liberties are being perpetually eroded by them and those that serve them.

    1. If we but selected for ignoring intolerance we’d be better off. Kind of like in the ol’ days the Polish descendants knew the best Polish jokes, etc.

      Big shoulders and “rolling off your back” make for a better society than sensitive hot-house flowers easily bruised by a grain of dust. JMHO.

  4. Interesting. Naming something, a ship for instance, after a particular individual Indian would presumably be considered an honor, but naming one after the tribe is an insult. I guess the British and Canadians, with their Tribal class ships, are also on his hit list. Particularly as some were named after African tribes.

  5. The Flower Class escorts have used up all the happy good names so not much left except blood, gore, battles and boring alpha numeric stuff.

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