Top 10 VA boondoggles – Veterans – Stripes

The Department of Veterans Affairs has the money to reform its health care system. In fact, the Veteran’s Health Administration’s budget this year is $57.28 billion, which is equal to $6,300 per veteran served. The following examples highlight instances where the VA wasted its resources, from a report released by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.):

via Top 10 VA boondoggles – Veterans – Stripes.

It’s not just the VA, of course. The entire federal government excels at spending other people’s money wastefully.

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  1. The last 6 years have been the greatest looting of national wealth since Atahualpa was ransomed by Pizarro. The country as a whole has gotten very little from all of our spending. Well-connected Demoratic donors have done very well.

    Here is one of many examples:
    The ROI on political donations to the Democratic Party for the Solyndra’s owners ($1000,000+, 20+ trips to the White House) was over 5,000. The owners were well rewarded for no net gain to society. The owners got a loan guarantee from the U.S. Treasury, in addition to the tax benefits of between $ 875 million and $ 975 million of net operating losses. The bankrupacy locked in those benefits for the owners. More senior creditors, including the Department of Energy, which provided a $ 535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra, will receive nearly nothing.

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