A Timely Laugh or Two in Time for the World Cup


You all know how I feel about soccer.  It’s frigging communist.  And played by guys that fall down in agony if you invade their personal space.  Yeah, I know a goodly chunk of the rest of the world plays it.  But a goodly chunk of the rest of the world doesn’t use toilets, either.  It doesn’t make it a good idea.

Anyway, witness Jason Sudeikis, American football coach, hired by Tottenham of the English Premiere League.   Pretty well done.  But I am still not watching soccer on NBC.  It makes golf look like nonstop action.

BIG H/T to Delta Bravo!!!

6 thoughts on “A Timely Laugh or Two in Time for the World Cup”

  1. ok that was cute. I did play for 20 years so I’ll ignore the “communist” jab… just this once.

  2. I just bet you’re constantly running when you play the Air Force Metrosexual game, AKA Golf.

    That does not mean that I don’t find Soccer other than boring, however. We did like Handball in Germany, but that’s more like Basketball and does have a lot more action and scoring. The German kids liked us on their team as we played Basketball and is played in a fashion similar to German Handball. The Handball court is about the same size as a Basketball court but uses reduced size soccer goals for the goals. Really is a neat game to play and watch.

    1. Pickup basketball is a little tougher when you’re 50. Especially when it is age 25 and up. Sparring partners are a bit hard to come by, too, of any age. Narrows the choices a bit.

  3. I’ve yet to meet an American conservative that actually likes soccer. Not saying such a creature doesn’t exist, I have just never come across one. 🙂 I think liberals pretend to like soccer to feel more “worldly”. I certainly don’t get it – in a country that offers both rugby and soccer, who picks soccer?

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