10 thoughts on “Load HEAT- India de Beaufort”

  1. Lovely lady! She looks good in every one of the variety of settings. Proof that true beauty always shines through .

  2. Lovely, but WAAAAYYYY too skinny. Giver her 15 pounds, and you got something there.

  3. Oh my! A very classy lady. I’ll see if I can be a kindly father figure plying her with a variety of great fattening foods. Brb, getting spousal permission.

    — passage of time —

    Negate all after lady. URR, it’s up to you.

    1. I’ll do my best. My guess is that she might not be quite enamored with a bald old fart like me, despite my recitation of war poetry with beer in one hand and foot on bar stool.

      What’s the world coming to, when “Charge of the Light Brigade” doesn’t make ’em swoon?

    2. There is nothing in the slightest genteel about my golf game. It comes with swinging as hard as possible, and much profanity regarding sexual habits, political orientation, heritage, and overall worth, all before the ball lands out of bounds.

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