NASA spinoff

About 15 years ago, NASA announced the patent of VISAR, or Video Image Stabilization and Registration, which was developed at the Marshall Space Flight Center. I know Dr. David Hathaway and Paul Meyer were working on the technology at least a couple of years before they were able to patent it. From the factsheet:

Because VISAR stabilizes horizontal and vertical camera motion, corrects for camera rotation and zoom, smoothes jagged edges of pictorials and reduces fluctuating spots, or “snow,” it produces clearer images of shaky, jittery or moving objects. Individual frames in video clips can also be added together to bring out details not otherwise visible in dark, underexposed footage…

Military users in the U.S. and its allies can use VISAR for security, to stabilize video feed from aircraft, for target identification and confirmation, weapons deployment, and in sophisticated surveillance systems in the intelligence field. With features such as enhancement, image tracking, and the ability to accept sonar data, VISAR can greatly enhance the use of satellite or aerial video, damage assessment, surveillance and reconnaissance, training, and mission debriefing.

Now that stabilization technology has been added to a smart spoon called Liftware. (Warning: the video autoplays)


I don’t know how much this costs, but for those with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, and undergoing some types of chemo, this might be the ticket to more independence, less self-consciousness, and just the pleasure of a normal meal. Way to go, Lift Labs, for developing this and to the Indiegogo donors that got the project off the ground.

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  1. Amazing things have come out of NASA programs over the years. IBM pioneered the large scale integrated circuit microprocessor for controlling the Saturn V launch vehicle. This paved the way for PCs among many other things. Considering only the federal corporate income tax received from this source alone over the years, the Apollo program was a hugely successful investment.

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