For my money, the prettiest jet to grace the decks of aircraft carriers is the RA-5C Vigilante. Here’s a vid showcasing this beauty, as well as a good bit of footage of the earlier A-5A heavy attack version.



6 thoughts on “Vigilante!”

  1. The Vigilante was quite an advanced design when first introduced. Of course advanced often means complicated leading to serious maintenance requirements, as noted by captained.

    The later (‘fat’) Vigilante was remarkable as the greatly increased fuel volume behind the cockpit actually reduced form drag.

    North American did some really good stuff in those days.

    1. Area ruling doesn’t mean just the sides of the fuselage. Would have been really interesting if NA had ever built the NR-349, mainly a Viggie with a 3rd J-79 in the tunnel. That thing would have gone like a raped ape (until the next tanker).

  2. Suck this, F-111F and F-15. Viggie is on the prowl and she’s not putting up with your crap.

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