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Mark Helprin, author, journalist, and military-affairs instructor, was being interviewed by Frank Gaffney, hawkish defense expert, when Helprin summed up in one sentence what I hear so many people say to me in coffee shops and after church and at the park and in the grocery store: “Everything that made us what we once were is under attack.”

Part of the attack is cultural, with radicals running our colleges, anti-competitive nonsense peddled in our elementary schools and playgrounds, filth dominating the entertainment industry, traditional faith sneered at (and increasingly disfavored by public policy), and the idea of American exceptionalism (along with appreciation for its constituent parts) denied from the Oval Office itself.

And our president — “a particularly virulent manifestation of this kind of ideology,” said Helprin — is leading the assault. Barack Obama acts lawlessly, makes choices alien to the American tradition, denigrates achievement, tramples religious liberty, encourages our borders to be massively and illegally overrun, and burdens us with unfathomable public debt. And, of particular and rightful interest to Gaffney and Helprin — even though too little of the public thinks it important — Obama has aggressively overseen what Gaffney called “the hollowing out of the United States military.”

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Quinn Hillyer’s Monday morning post is depressing. Sadly, it’s also spot on target.

Quite a few moderates, and even some principled liberals, are starting to finally wake up to the disaster that Obama has been for the United States. Too bad they couldn’t listen when we sounded the alarm back in 2007.

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  1. They didn’t listen because libtards (which so called moderates actually are) were hearing what they wanted to hear. Germans were hearing the same sort of thing in 1933. Alas, it’s just part of human nature.

  2. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men do nothing”.

    This may be the standard by which the local Teaparty types are judging Rep. office holders like Eric Kantor. It is not enough to be good, you must also do something. I agree.

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