President Takes Decisive Action in Iraq

In a stunning reversal of his previous equivocation regarding US involvement in the worsening security situation in Iraq, President Obama stated that the US is prepared to act with strength and decisiveness to help defeat the ISIS radical jihadist forces that have engulfed several major cities and killed many thousands of Iraqis.

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There.  That’ll show ’em.  Worked like a charm with Boko Haram in Nigeria, too.   They certainly have mended their ways.    Administration officials speculate that the Islamic Extremist fighters that have invaded Iraq have little chance of resisting the pressure of tweets and re-tweets that show support for the Iraqi people, and will be forced to withdraw.  On the outside chance that somehow ISIS can withstand such an onslaught of social media, the President is prepared to conjure his best “I’m not kidding” expression and talk about “consequences”, possibly even “dire consequences”.   No word yet on whether or not Secretary of State Kerry will scold ISIS for “behaving in a 7th Century fashion”.   New White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was quoted as saying, “The President is making the best of a situation left him by the previous Administration, which is responsible for declaring the war over and abandoning Iraq to its fate.  Wait, ….what?  That was us?  You sure?  No more questions!”

Gawd, we are so screwed.

7 thoughts on “President Takes Decisive Action in Iraq”

  1. Every time he gives a speech,bad stuff happens.
    Inauguration Speech = Obamacare etc
    Cairo speech = Arab Spring

    He needs to shut his trap and stay on the golfcourse while an adult quietly runs things. What am I saying? There are no adults in the White House anymore!

  2. For those of us who can remember that far back, it sounds like a good time to recycle those ‘WIN’ (Whip Inflation Now) buttons popularized by Pres. Ford. Now it means ‘Whip ISIS Now!’. I am sure they will prove just as effective now as they were then.

  3. If we have another mid-east oil crisis, the primary trigger of the two rounds of serious inflation in the 1970s, we might need those buttons again. Remember even/odd license plates?

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