Daily Dose of ‘splodey!



That bit at the end with 26 bombs (probably Mk81s)? I’ll admit I’d never seen two MERs under the belly before. Operationally they only used a single MER.

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  1. They’re actually, MK-82s. (Don’t know if there was a Mk-81). An enjoyable vid, but there were some laughers in there. “Short Takeoff”. I’m pretty sure that was the one and only time F-105 and Short Takeoff were ever in the same sentence..

    1. The Mk81 was a 250# version of the LDGP bomb. It was phased out after a while as the Mk82 was generally more useful.

      You tended to see the Mk81 more on Navy aircraft, especially the A-4, and on Air Force A-1 Skyraiders. By about 1967, it appears stocks of Mk81 were pretty much exhausted.

    1. Several contemporary AF fighters used probe and drogue. The F-100, the F-104, and the F-105 (which unlike the others, had a boom receptacle as well).

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