Why the Prisoner Swap is such a big deal.

It’s bad enough that the Administration swapped out five high value Taliban leaders. Worse, Obama did so without the required notification to Congress.

What’s even worse is this- this isn’t some obscure provision that was simply overlooked. The Bergdahl/Taliban swap was considered in 2011 and 2012. And it was shot down by objections from DoD and the intelligence community, as well as strong opposition from Congress.

That opposition was so strong that Congress specifically made mandatory a 30 day notice to Congress before the transfer of any Guantanamo detainee.

Yes, you read that right. It was specifically the concern over a swap for Bergdahl that prompted Congress to include the provision in the NDAA 13 bill.

Obama knew it. And in his arrogance, ignored them.

The usual apologists for Obama’s lawlessness are rushing to provide ex post facto justification for this blatant disregard for the law, of course. Senator Reid foremost among them. Has any Senate Majority Leader ever abused the procedural powers of his station so much, and then turned about and ceded so much of the Senates constitutional role to a President?

It’s disgusting.

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  1. From Ace’s.
    The deal to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban detainees held by the U.S. military nixed a broader effort by the Department of Defense to include other U.S. citizens held by the Taliban and its allies, according to a top congressional aide.

    The Department of Defense had a “broader goal” of including Caitlan Coleman of York , Pa., her baby who was born in captivity and her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, in a deal to free Bergdahl, said Joe Kasper, chief of staff to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

    Among Americans held captive is Warren Weinstein, a contractor from Rockville, Md., who was abducted in 2011 in Pakistan and is detained by al-Qaeda militants aligned with the Taliban.

    “The DoD was looking at this in the whole scope of things, to deal with these people as well,” Kasper said. “Instead of five for one, why not five for five?”
    The objective of the SCOAMF is to empty GITMO, not to repatriate Americans held hostage. DoD was told to “Suck It Up, and Salute.”
    F**K him and the goat he rode in on…

  2. Obama is auditioning for the head of the UN with this deed. Probably’ll get it too. He’ got to figure out what to do next after his second term ends

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