7 thoughts on “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…”

  1. Having owned, and flown helicopters, this is scary-shit.
    You unload the rotor and it cuts-off the tail-boom.
    This would be BAD!
    One would have to be, not only a VERY good pilot.
    One would have to be VERY confident that you could pull this off.
    There is no “walking away” if this goes pear-shaped…

  2. Notice all the rolls were to the right, nuthin’ to the left. Must have something to do with the direction of rotor rotation.

    1. xbradtc:

      Helo rotors provide much more lift on the side where the rotor blades advance compared to the side where they “go backwards”. The rolls were into the retreating side of the rotor disk, favoring the advancing side with its extra lift. There simply isn’t enough lift in the retreating side to roll into the advancing side.

      It would be interesting to try that with a co-axial copter, but the unloaded blades problem is squared if not cubed.

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