Open Carry vs. The NRA

I’m rather vehemently in support of the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps not an absolutist, but I am pretty much in favor of all the provisions of the Constitution.

You may have seen in the news that an organization known as Open Carry TX has been carrying rifles in public, and even into establishments such as Chipolte and Hardees.

And as DrewM notes at Ace’s, this has caused some pushback from the NRA.

People seem to be surprised the NRA would come out against groups of people walking into restaurants with AR-15s and other rifles but I’m not. The NRA has always promoted responsible gun ownership and use. There’s nothing responsible about being a jackass.

You can see the NRA’s open letter in the link in the quote above.

Open Carry TX is apparently staging these “walk ins” as a result of the arrest of CJ Grisham in Texas last year, and conviction of interference with a police officer. Open carry of firearms is legal in Texas. Here’s the dashcam footage of the incident. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

And I understand the argument that a right not exercised is no right at all.

But here’s the conflict. Open Carry TX has gone from exercising a lawful right in public, to imposing itself upon private entities. The law on open carry is a restriction on the state. It is not, nor was it meant to be, an imposition upon private entities such as restaurants.

As DrewM notes, OCT has done with a couple off assholes what Bloomberg with millions of dollars has failed to do.

3 thoughts on “Open Carry vs. The NRA”

  1. I am a strong proponent of Second Amendment rights. But why deliberately provoke the opposition by pushing the envelope? I have visited Texas a number of times and seen many people carrying firearms without needing to be “in your face” about it.

    I recall when the Black Panthers walked into the California Statehouse carrying loaded rifles and shotguns – a perfectly legal thing to do at the time. It was supposedly to protest stronger gun legislation then proposed. In fact it greatly helped guarantee passage of that legislation, which was rapidly signed by Governor Ronald Reagan.

    A while back I saw a guest on Huckabee try to explain that a firearm looking like a civilian version of an M4 – muzzle brake, short barrel, wrap around heat shield, large capacity magazine, pistol grip, telescoping stock – was really just a hunting rifle. Whether civilians should be allowed to own semi-auto assault rifles is one question. (No objection from me.) But that was just plain dishonest. It is worth mentioning that the guest was a gun dealer who no doubt would like to keep on selling weapons of that type.

    I do not pretend to have all the answers about how best to protect Second Amendment rights. But it seems to me that dishonesty about the nature of firearms or publicly fulfilling the opposition’s expectations of ‘gun nuts’ are not helpful.

    My $0.02 anyway.

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