Councilman wants to remove junior ROTC program from high schools | New York Post

The head of the City Council’s Education Committee wants to shoot down the school system’s Junior ROTC programs — charging they’re training high-school students for a “war machine.”

Councilman Daniel Dromm, a Queens Democrat, said he has a “philosophical problem” with the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs conducted in 14 schools.

“I always wondered why these programs are mainly in schools with students of color,” he said last week during a City Hall hearing. “I have concerns about the way they go about recruitment. It contributes to a war machine, and I have some problems with that.”

Schools officials were taken aback.

via Councilman wants to remove junior ROTC program from high schools | New York Post.

If liberal Democrats would like to shed the image of being reflexively anti-military, maybe they should give up being reflexively anti-military.

Quite a few of the commenters here are actually NJROTC classmates of mine. And coincidentally, yes, they did join the service after high school. But by no means did a majority of our ROTC classmates.

And one of the co-authors here was an NJROTC alum (at a different school), and didn’t join the service.

Normally, Junior ROTC in a high school is an elective class. But in some schools, with voluntary enrollment, all students are part of the Junior ROTC program. I remember when Chicago opened an “All ROTC” school. The competition to get in was fierce. Students and their families craved the opportunity to attend a school with greater structure, and where malcontents and disruptive students would not consume the vast majority of resources.

As for the program itself, I seem to recall the stated mission of Junior ROTC was to promote citizenship. To better prepare young men and women for life as citizens of our nation.  While the program was certainly friendly to the concept of students enlisting, it by no means meant anyone was pressured or “soft” recruited. Heck, there was no requirement that someone be eligible to enlist in order to be a high school cadet in good standing.

Junior ROTC has been a boon to students, particularly minority students in low income urban areas. Perhaps Councilman Dromm hates poor minority students.

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  1. My older daughter completed 3 years of Army JROTC and my younger one is wrapping up her second year. They don’t even call it military science anymore, but “LET” which stands for Leadership, Education and Training. The mission of AJROTC is: “To motivate young people to be better citizens.” It’s pretty innocuous. But sure, a lot of people go into the military out of JROTC. Is this councilman really complaining that there is a program that instills discipline, courtesy, good citizenship, and also provides a leg up to succeed should you want to avail yourself of that path? Let’s slam the door on your constituents’ opportunities; its better to keep them in the neighborhood and beholden, I guess. Clueless.

  2. He hates poor, minority students, except at election time. It’s kinda like the GOPe and conservatives.

    Personally, I think an all ROTC hi skool is an excellent idea.

  3. Don’t kid yourselves. Despite the rash of “thank you for your service” from the majority of the public, the meme of “baby killer” and “soulless robot” and “violent unthinking neanderthal” is still very prevalent in the far-left. They are just far more subtle about expressing such sentiment. Despite the efforts of men like Wesley Clark and McChrystal and Missy Mullen to endear themselves to the anti-military socialist-communist progressives, they still despise us. Attempts to curry their approval simply make them have even more disdain for us. Those in the far-left anti-military camp include our Commander in Chief, our Secretary of State, our former SecState, our Attorney General, our former NSA (Donilon), several Senators (Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Reed, Stabenow) and Representatives (Pelosi, McGovern, Hastings, Schackowski, and others), and the vast majority of media executives, and college administrators.

  4. We have this fight in San Francisco every couple of years. They liberals who run the school board want to terminate the program but the students and parents fight for it every time. Eventually they said they would disband it as soon as they could find a program as effective to replace it.

    They never did.

    The JROTC program continues while the task force of the school board was disbanded. Incidentally, it was one of, the now infamous, Leland Yee’s pet projects to eradicate the JROTC program.

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