Shinseki out at VA

Finally, a member of the Obama admin is replaced. Of course, it’s pretty much the least political member of the cabinet.

The real question is, who should replace him? I don’t think it always has to be a retired military guy. But if you do want to go that route, how about Jim Mattis?

7 thoughts on “Shinseki out at VA”

  1. As I said over at Susans’ place, Mattis would simply take a bunch of the upper management out back and give them all a noodle and record it so it could be shown to the rest “Pour Encourager….”

    I’d bet URR would be glad to help him out too. 🙂

    1. Would be more than happy to. If ever there was a place fertile for an “undercover boss” type of situation, it is the VA. Even at the good ones (like White River), the snotty, blatantly unhelpful, poorly informed, lazy, and incompetent administrative (and sometimes clinical) staff should be let go forthwith. Along with their immediate supervisors.

      Oh, and clinical staff, you say you are overburdened? The why is it that nobody can reach anyone at 0759 and 59 seconds or at 1600 and 01 second? Fine. You are all exempt employees, and your hours are 0700 to 1700, with half an hour for lunch. You have all just gotten a 26.6% increase in labor resources.

  2. Now that that’s over with, time to get on with getting rid of/prosecuting the GSs that caused this inexcusable disaster.

  3. It’s not who will be put in charge that’s important, it’s whether they will have the necessary authority and resources to fix it. With Shinseki out the admin and Congressional Dems are hoping the problem will go away long enough to clear the election. The Dems already blocked a bill to give the VA secretary more authority to hire/fire VA civil servants.

    I wonder if, lacking authority to fire people, a department secretary could create an “Office of Exile: People I Can’t Fire, So I Parked Them Here Where They Keep Their Jobs but Have No Duties And Aren’t Allowed to Do Anything”?

  4. With Shinseki out the admin and Congressional Dems are hoping the problem will go away long enough to clear the election.

    That’s exactly what they hope will happen, then it will be business as usual.

  5. Actually, if Mattis didn’t turn down the job if offered I’d question his sanity. The VA has more problems than the bureaucrats. The rules and laws that cover the VA is a lot of the problem and unless you could fire people AND make real changes in the hows and wherefores, you will accomplish absolutely nothing. If Mattis took the job I’d expect him to kill someone out of pure frustration.

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