Military Medicine under review as well.

Ace has an annoying tendency to write about issues that I want to discuss, and do it better than I can. Today he takes on the absurdity of Eric Shinseki, Secretary of the VA, suddenly promising to shake up the VA’s medical services.

Separate from the VA, the military also has a vast medical establishment to care for the active duty force, be it routine health care while at home station, to emergency treatment for trauma and wounds, to rehabilitation for wounded warriors, either to return to duty, or retire medically.

And there are things afoot in military medicine. Yesterday saw the commander of the Army’s Womack Army Medical Center servicing Ft. Bragg, NC relieved.

And today is an announcement that Secretary of Defense Hagel has ordered a DoD wide review of military medicine. From the DoD press release:

“The 90-day review will be led by Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, with the assistance of the acting undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness and the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, and the direct participation of the secretaries of the military departments and the service chiefs. In addition, Secretary Hagel has asked Deputy Secretary Work to solicit the perspectives of outside experts in the areas of patient safety and quality care.

“The review will focus on the following core areas: access to health care, safety of care, and quality of care.”

Bob Work is generally highly regarded as a sharp guy (he’s a retired Marine).

One wonders if Hagel’s review is an attempt to make sure there are no scandals similar to the VA’s hiding in DoD. If there are, far better to find them now.

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  1. I remember from my service that appointments for check ups, dental and medical, were made for you and woe to the service member who missed the appointment.

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