Korean War memorial is a historical photoshop horror

A new Korean War monument was unveiled on Memorial Day in Chillicothe, Ohio—an 8- by 6-foot black monolith etched with a collage of war scenes and the names of local soldiers fallen in that war. It’s also a disgraceful insult to every American serviceman who fought in Korea and every other war.

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of these scenes are not from the Korean War. The monolith—made by some Egyptian company for $21,550—includes everything from Desert Storm soldiers to F-16s fighter jets.

via Korean War memorial is a historical photoshop horror.

Worse yet, even before it was unveiled, people were telling them what a soup sandwich it was.

Look, Chillicothe, OH, it’s good that you wanted to commemorate your soldiers for the Forgotten War, but how about putting in maybe five minutes on Google Image Search to find some good pictures?

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