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The Navy has quietly reduced the scope of upgrades to its guided missile destroyers in a move that could make up to a quarter of the fleet a target of early decommissioning due to obsolescence, USNI News has learned.

Out of 28 early Arleigh Burke-class DDGs (Flight I/II), 21 will not receive a full upgrade to their Aegis combat systems and instead have a midlife upgrade that will focus on the mechanical health of the ship and some will have upgrades to the ships’ anti-submarine warfare systems as part of a cost saving strategy, Naval Sea Systems Command told USNI News on Friday.

The targeted Flight I and II ships will retain older computer and missile systems and not adapt a new set of anti-air warfare (AAW) standards and systems that will allow the rest of the Burke fleet to be more easily upgraded with new software and weapons, according to information on the program obtained by USNI News.

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I’d be a hell of a lot more sympathetic to the Navy in the budget battle if they’d quit coming up with ways to justify decomm’ing ships well before their useful lives are over.

The Sprucans, the CGNs, the FiGs, the early Ticos. Why does the Navy hate ships?

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  1. If you were actually *trying* to cripple the USN for the next several decades, would it look any different than what the USN leadership has been doing for the past decade?

  2. Remember that USN leadership is all brown-shoe these days. If it’s not the F/A-18 or the F-35, it’s of no use to the Navy.

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