Armored Fighting Vehicles as Suicide Vehicle IEDs.

Via Funker 350, which has some great stuff, here’s video of the anti-regime forces in Syria using armored vehicles as suicide bombs.

9 thoughts on “Armored Fighting Vehicles as Suicide Vehicle IEDs.”

    1. We need to help these guys. Just enough so that they keep killing regime troops while getting themselves killed. There’s no such thing as a bad Ba’athist or Jihadi corpse.

  1. I don’t necessarily understand the wisdom of using an AFV as in IED. I mean if you’ve got your hands on an AFV, why not use it as I dunno, an AFV? Maybe they don’t have the gas/ammo to operate it for long?

    I could see it being more survivable to reach the target, probably better cross country movement speed than anything else you can get your hands on. But if you’re putting the explosive charge inside the armor to protect it that’s going to focus the blast in exactly the wrong direction.

    I don’t get the decision making.

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